Camphill ONLINE Yoga Practice

Currently I am offering online early morning yoga practice each weekday between 07:00-07:45 via Zoom. I open the Zoom room at 06:45 to allow people to connect and settle we start at 07:00 sharp each day, I kindly ask everyone to join 06:55 at the latest. Practices are aimed at encouraging a gentle awakening of the body and allowing an awareness of the breath to develop. A sense of being grounded and centred is cultivated before moving into more dynamic yoga postures which allow for a range of spinal movement whilst lengthening and strengthening all the muscle groups. This practice will support you to move forward into your day having connected to yourself in a nourishing way on several levels.

Each practice is recorded and made available before 09:00 each weekday. This enables you to fit the practice in around your schedule, at least two recordings are accessible 7 days a week.

Teaching Philosophy

I have a Person-Centred approach to teaching whereby I gently encourage and empower people to develop a yoga practice that feels right for them. Life can be challenging, and I believe Yoga should support this and never cause difficulty. Believing people have a deep wisdom that recognises when something is nourishing for them, I trust people will when the time is right for them, connect with that wisdom and be guided by it to create a sense of balance and harmony within to become the best version of their self.


Yoga is practiced in bare feet and on a yoga mat which has the correct thickness to allow for comfort and not too thick as this can affect your ability to balance. Comfortable, loose clothing is ideal.

There is a range of yoga equipment which may support your practice this includes blocks, belts, bolsters, and cushions. You do not require them, but you may decide to invest in them as you develop your practice.

your Health

Before you join a yoga practice it’s essential that you let me know about any relevant health issues so I can ensure that the practice is appropriate for everyone involved. Please complete the form below if you’d like to register for the classes.

Top 10 tips to consider when coming to your morning practice:

1. How much time do you need to prepare to join the practice? It’s never good to begin you day rushing around.

2. Are you hydrated? It is recommended that you hydrate before and after practice.

3. Is the space you will practice in safe? You are responsible for your safety as explained in my liability policy.

4. Are you feeling warm as you start practice? If you are cold due to the room being cold or you are not wearing  suitable clothing you are more open to injuring yourself.

5. Do you have the equipment you intend to use nearby?

6. Remember you know your own body best, listen to your body and be guided by your instinct, you are responsible for keeping yourself safe, as explained in the liability policy.

7. You are not expected to master the poses, it will take time for your mind and body to become familiar with the asanas (poses), be patient.

8. Keep an open mind every yoga practice is unique. What you did yesterday may not work today.

9. Each class will begin and end in Savasana lying down or seated in Sukasana if you prefer, these can be a challenging poses but over time hopefully resting in stillness will be something you cherish even if its only for a few minutes.

10. Regular practice is the key, yoga is cumulative, the more you do it the more you will benefit in your body, mind, and spirit.